Who we Are

We are the only BCA AND HDB LICENSED company in Singapore with its main focus in noise isolation windows AND DOORS. We ARE SOLUTIONS DRIVEN AND deliver the best results compared to others who provide a range of generic windows or broad scope project work. We have our own installation team and our own production facility right here in singapore, so you know we are serious about getting quality right.


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Nicholas Quek

The only contractor boss who can do everything by his own hand - from fabrication to installation! An unrepentant engineer, relentless problem solver, and ultimate hands on boss, Nicholas has had many years of experience in noise isolation. Before championing our soundproof doors and windows, Nicholas was involved in setting up professional music studios and sound systems. Having enrolled into Computer Engineering in NUS, Nicholas dropped out of university to pursue his passion as an entrepreneur - that’s how passionate he is about noise isolation!


Abraham Tang

An industry expert when it comes to window systems, Abraham has had 19 years of experience at REHAU Pte Ltd building up their windows business in South East Asia. Over his long career with Rehau, Abraham has held increasingly senior regional roles, including Regional Technical Engineer, Regional Technical Manager and Regional Business Development Manager. Abraham has designed window systems, built distribution, and help to set up fabricators all over South East Asia.

Fully Licensed

Would you see a doctor who is not licensed to practise, or deposit money in a bank with no banking license? yet somehow many would take a risk with unlicensed contractors, often to their later frustration and regret. We are fully licensed by both BCA and HDB so you can rest assured that we are qualified professionals here for the long haul.

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Registered Contractor: RW01 Window Contractors

Licensed Builder: GB2 General Builder Class 2



Window Works Ref: HB-05-5298H