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Noise Pollution In Singapore

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Noise pollution affects both health and behaviour. it can disrupt sleep, elevate stress levels, and over time can cause hypertension, tinnitus, hearing loss, and other harmful physiological effects. in URBAN AND densely built up singapore, many people are unable to enjoy peace and quiet in their own homes and their quality of life suffers as a result

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Every single component, including hinges and screws, is tested to meet stringent international specifications in material quality, strength and durability. A wide range of technologies and processes come together to deliver a complete solution, achieving up to 90% noise reduction for most environments.

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Every site is someone’s home or business, and we take great care to treat it as if were our own. Protective layers are used to prevent damage to the environment, and touch up work such as essential painting or plastering are done as a matter of course. We insist on having our own installation team (we do not subcontract installation work), so every member of staff takes personal ownership of the process.

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In-House Quality

Having our own workshop premises right here in Singapore gives us quality control over fabrication and assembly. Our team of engineers and professionals have decades of experience and we are fully licensed by HDB and BCA to conduct window installation work. Our years of experience in solving the toughest noise isolation challenges lets us succeed where others have failed.


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